Easy to use sroke text template with customized animation

Stroke text animation template.

This template allows the user to animate the text outline. Since it has a glowing effect, it looks great on the dark backgrount. The effect is smooth, eye catching and professional-looking hence you can use it as a background for a night show for example. The outline of the text is highlighted by a customized color gradient. By clicking the cogwheel icon on the top right corner of the template you can display a settings popup where you can change the basic parameters, such as: text, spead of animation, border thickness, length and color. In order to use this template just edit the text in your title input field and setup the template parameters.

Please Write us if you need to customize this template

Using settings makes it easy to customize this template but don't hesitate to write us if you need something spetial

How to customize this template

This template is build with WebGL so it can but also can be displayed not only PC/Mac/Android platform but also on smart TV. Hover your cursor in the right top corner of template and click on the cogwheel icon if you need to customize your template in the future.

Technical requirements

If your in your browser WebGL is desactivated you can enable it by following this instruction: Enable WebGL

Sharing template

By clicking on the "Copy Link" button you'll copy the template's link that you can share with yours friends. Also you can share this template on any social network by clicking on the required icon in the buttom menu bar.

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